Hello everyone! 

Welcome to my page. 

Here you will find several ESX or QBCORE scripts. 

Feel free to view and ask questions about them. 

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FiveM Asset Escrow System

All our resources are protected by the FiveM Escrow System. Both to protect the customer and us.



We have several daily/weekly or monthly updates depending on all player suggestions.



We want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We have several people in our support to assist and help you.

Working Hours

Portuguese Support: Every day available between 10:30 and 00:00 (GMT+0)
 English Support: Every day available between 10:30 and 00:00 (GMT-5)

"Support is literally crazy, they answer fast and always help" - Twinky

"The best and fastest support in fivem, Best Scripts. Easy Config, Easy Install. Reasonable pricing for how much work they do for each script." - N.Valentino

"Probably the best support team in the FiveM community!" - Eddiezz

"The support is good in here, they respond quick, even if the errors are me being stupid, they help you no matter what!" - Morfar