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Package Description

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# About

  • 4 Harvest Zones. (Weed, Opium, Methamphetamine and Cocaine)
  • The four drugs are made as follows: Picking, Processing and Packaging.
  • Can enable/disable XP/level system.
  • They can activate/deactivate items needed to get the drug.
  • All zones can be changed.
  • You can use qb-target in prop, or in zone.
  • All drugs have: Bad Quality, Medium Quality and High Quality.
  • You can smoke some drugs.

# Information

  • [First-Step] - You need to find the locations of drugs.
  • [Second-Step]  - You use qb-target on plant and you can harvest the plant.
  • [Third-Step]  - After harvest plant you need find the location of processing.
  • [Fourth-Step]  - After processing you need to find the place to pack drugs.

# About the Level System

  1. The level system depends on your process in the drug, each drug taking gives X experience, and you will evolve. The more experience you get.

# Consumables

  • You can smoke some drugs and they give you bonus, you can choose the bonus between: Armor, Relieve Stress or Stamina.

# Dependencies

  • qb-core / qb-menu / qb-target
  • Utilizes FiveM Tebex Escrow system

  • Latest QBCore

# Optional

  • You can use my drug sales script or even get the m-Drugs + m-DrugSelling pack.  ( Click Here )