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Package Description

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# About

  • A simple script that allows you to make potions to consume with some effects. The available effects are: Health, Armor, Stamina, Nightvision and Speed. Potions are evolved depending on the player's experience, you will have to make the weakest ones to reach the strongest ones.

# How it works?

  • Everyone starts with 0 experience, and each potion gives the player an experience value. For example: For me to make a 100% health potion I need to go through the 25/50 and 75% potions. All this can be configured through config.lua.

# What types of potions are there?


# Dependencies?

# Features

  • Enable jobor not for each potion
  • Change effects
  • Change required experience
  • Activate/deactivate each potion
  • Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system