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Package Description

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# About

  • A simple script that has a combination of scrapping cars, looking for junk/junk items in various locations, and also a scrap metal warehouse robbery. To access this heist, you will have to obtain the warehouselockpick¬†key, which can only be obtained by searching scrap metal areas. The chance to obtain this key is customized by you. The script also brings two NPC's where they can exchange the pieces for money however, the 2nd NPC (Illegal) will pay more for each piece but has a limited chance to appear.

# Features

  • Optimized
  • Many Features
  • Full and easy customization
  • 0.00ms
  • Warehouse heist
  • Compatible with: ( ps-ui / qb-lock / qb-skillbar )
  • Dismantle cars with rewards
  • Legal and Illegal trader

# Dependencies