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Package Description

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Config: There are 5 configuration files, if you want to see it, enter discord and open a ticket.

# About

The script allows raiding houses per mission. To start, you have to go to a place and ask for the mission and there you will deploy a blip on the map to go raid the marked house. They will have a cooldown if they want for each round. Each strike will give the player experience, the more strikes the more experience they gain and the drops can be better. Finally, there are dropable items that can be sold to an NPC. All drops, values, locations or blips are customized by you. The script uses instances only for those who are outside the house, that is, maybe two players in the same interior, they will see each other, and will be able to roleplay inside the house.

# Features

  • There are 4 drops such as: TV, Microwave, Blackboard and Safe.
  • These 4 items can be used and will create a prop on the player.
  • When they have the object in hand, they cannot run, and walk slower.
  • Level system implemented.
  • Each house you rob you receive X% experience.
  • The script allows checking if the player is wearing a mask.
  • Configurable drops depending on the player's level.
  • Within the level drops there are Normal Drops & Rare Drops.
  • 24 pre-defined houses to rob. More can be added.
  • 3 different interiors available among the 24 houses.
  • 8 Sites to steal for in the different houses. (Can add more)
  • The mini-game can be changed by you.
  • Notifications can be changed by you.
  • The progressBar can be changed by you.
  • The script already comes with language for: en, pt, fr, es.
  • It is possible to activate stress when stealing.

# Locations

  • Location Interior 1: 346.52 -1013.19 -99.20
  • Location Interior 2: -785.22 323.66 212.0
  • Location Interior 3: -786.9756 315.723 187.9134

# Dependencies

  • qb-target
  • qb-menu
  • Latest QBcore
  • bob74_ipl
  • pmc-instance
  • OneSync enable
  • Server version 3245+
  • Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system.